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The green side of SmartUrine technology

Healthcare sector is one of the biggest generator of carbon emission globally. In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare, innovations not only aim to enhance patient care but also strive to contribute to environmental sustainability. One such area is the integration of SmartUrine technology into healthcare practices.

For example, Västra Götaland region in Sweden was reported to be the biggest emitter by 21% among all other industrial areas (Axelsson K, et al, 2018). Traditional diagnostic methods involve a significant amount of waste generation, from single-use plastic containers to extensive laboratory resources.

With SmartUrine automation, no plastic cups/tubes/gloves will be needed so it will save thousands of one time plastics everyday. By integrating SmartUrine technology, we project a remarkable reduction of 300,000 plastic cups monthly, a potential to save 75,000 working hours per month. This efficiency gain translates into a significant economic advantage, with estimated savings of 29 million SEK per month. Furthermore, the technology contributes to the reduction of 8 tons of plastic waste monthly. With the substantial amount of money saved, more than 760 new nurses could be hired contributing to the advancement of healthcare practices and addressing pressing challenges in the medical workforce.

The implementation of SmartUrine tech is not limited to its environmental benefits but it also enhances the efficiency and accuracy of healthcare diagnostics. It involves the use of advanced diagnostic tools that analyse urine samples for a variety of health indicators. Click here to read about the most common parameters in SmartUrine test.

As we navigate the challenges of the modern world, the fusion of sustainability and healthcare technology becomes increasingly vital. The green side of SmartUrine tech symbolises a positive step towards a more environmentally conscious healthcare industry.

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