How it works

Step 1
Push the on/off to activate
Step 2
Urinate, wait for the beep before flushing
Step 3
Test data wirelessly transferred to dashboard


Burning Queries

SmartUrine is an IoT solution consisting of both hardware and software to automate and digitalize the urine test.  

It is very simple to operate the SmartUrine solution. The hardware device can be easily attached to the toilet. After that, the only thing needed is to sit down and pee as normally. Everything else is taken care of automatically. 

SmartUrine can be used by healthcare professionals to replace the manual lab required urine screening. The doctors/nurses can get instant real-time display of the results from their patients. SmartUrine can also be prescribed to the patients to bring home, so that the patients can be continuously monitored. 

SmartUrine can also be used by individuals to track their health status and to give back nutrition advices.

In the healthcare sector, though urine test is very simple, it takes a lot of manual handling time for the patients and the nurses to do a urine test, especially for those difficult categories such as kids, elderly, disables, pregnant women, etc, who are the majority of the people who undergo urine tests. With this approach, continuous monitoring is impossible.  

SmartUrine can also save tons of plastics wasted by the healthcare system, simply because we eliminate the use of one-time plastic cups for sampling the urine. This can lower the carbon footprint and have a positive impact on the environment.  

The SmartUrine is as accurate as the current lab equipped urine test devices. 

SmartUrine is compliant with GDPR. All patient data is saved either only on the local server from the healthcare provider or on a GDPR certified server in Sweden/Europe. 

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